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planetstorm01For today’s post (or yesterday’s…) I thought I’d write a little about a mod I have recently encountered.

Angels Fall First – Planetstorm is a futuristic space\land battle multiplayer mod for Unreal Tournament III.  I haven’t had much chance to play it yet, just messing around offline with bots trying to learn the mechanics, so I don’t have much information on how it plays.  But I still think it’s worth a post simply for the ideas.  Several years ago, back when UT2004 was released I had an idea for a mod that was quite similar to this, so when I first read about it I was excited. (more…)


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utb01Just a little post today.

As you may be aware Epic Games recently released a large update to their game Unreal Tournament III called the Titan Pack.  This included a variety of normal patch type fixes plus the addition of some new gameplay.  The first being the Titan mutator of the pack title.

In UT games as well as allowing full blown mods people can create mutators.  A reasonable amount are already provided but this still leaves a lot of room for community content.  Mutators are not new types of game mode, but extras that can be tacked onto any game.  Some example are; Big Heads, the better you are doing the larger your head becomes.  Slow-mo, slows down the gameplay.  The Titan mutators gives players a meter that fills up as you score kills, once it’s full you can become a Titan.  They’re are around twice as big as a normal player, have huge health, have a homing rocket launcher and shock rifle, and they explode in a nuclear blast when they die, killing anyone close by.

As well as that there are two new game modes; Greed and Betrayal.  Greed has been done many times before in other multiplayer games so I’ll only cover it briefly.  When a player is killed they drop a skull (in other games it has been a flag or some other item), run over them to collect them up.  Once you have a reasonable amount you have to make a run to the enemy base to score, if you are killed before you get there you drop all the skulls you were carrying (plus one for yourself) and score nothing.  A nice addition but nothing new.

utb02Betrayal however is something I have not come across (although it may have been done before).  The base game runs like deathmatch, kill to score a point, get enough points you win.   utb03But in Betrayal you are partnered up with one of the other players, they glow bright blue.  When either you or your partner kill someone, a point is added to your collective pot.  You also gain kills traditionally.  utb04There are no weapon pick-ups in Betrayal, instead everyone has Instagib Shock Rifles (one hit kill).  Standard blasts will not hurt your team-mate, but the shock rifles also have a alternate fire, that does allow you to kill your partner.  utb05If you do so you gain all the points in the pot, you become a Rogue and a timer is started giving your former partner thirty seconds to kill you.  If they manage to kill you, you lose all the points you gained, if you survive, you get away with it and a new partner is selected.  Should your partner kill you, you have that same amount of time to kill them.

utb06Every player has a score attached to them, anyone below you on the leaderboard has a score of one, killing them will give you one point.  If a player is above you they have a higher points score.  This makes it difficult for someone to get a runaway lead, and makes the game more urgent. If you are Betrayed then your former partner has a much higher score, but it is not comparable to the pot, meaning waiting for your partner to strike first has no benefit.  The number is also red allowing you to spot them more easily, if you Betrayed them, they show up as green.  utb07Along side each players score is a row of knives, a silver one for each time they have betrayed a partner, a gold one for five betrayals.  If you join an online match beware of the person with a lot of knives.  😯

I didn’t fully understand all of the mathematics of the points system until I watch this instructional video on Youtube.

This is an interesting game mode that adds a new angle to standard Deathmatch, the bots are pretty good at it too.  All of the maps from standard Deathmatch are on offer, some of the maps can be a little big, making it difficult to track down your ex-partner.

Unreal Tournament III was on a Steam Free Weekend yesterday, what with all the problems the servers had the previous weekend.  I finally got a chance to play the full game and found it pretty reasonable, but not great.  Like UT2004 there is a mod community, but it’s not very large at the moment, that could still change however.  There is also something about the visuals, they’re sharp but don’t quite feel right and some of the maps are far too brown.  I’m glad I didn’t buy it originally, but makes a nice addtion to a collection if you can get it cheap.  I could have bought it through Steam (£8.39 until next Sunday), but since you can still register the retail in Steam I bought it for £4.99 from The Game Collection.  I’ll just keep the downloaded files in Steam until it arrives, then I can register it and play straight away.  🙂


My copy has arrived from The Game Collection, on the site it said New but Unsealed.  I’m fairly sure it is not in the original plastic case, but everything is there and it registered with Steam very smoothly.  Well worth the lower price.

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