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planetstorm01For today’s post (or yesterday’s…) I thought I’d write a little about a mod I have recently encountered.

Angels Fall First – Planetstorm is a futuristic space\land battle multiplayer mod for Unreal Tournament III.  I haven’t had much chance to play it yet, just messing around offline with bots trying to learn the mechanics, so I don’t have much information on how it plays.  But I still think it’s worth a post simply for the ideas.  Several years ago, back when UT2004 was released I had an idea for a mod that was quite similar to this, so when I first read about it I was excited. (more…)


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bsp00Genre-straddling games never seem to reach the heady heights we imagine they could, and yet they don’t do badly most of the time either.  They are left in the muddy middle ground.  From my brief play of the demo Battlestations:  Pacific seems to fall into this slot quite nicely, although doing slightly better than most and considering what it’s attempting that’s pretty good. (more…)

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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is the source of all true art and science.”

-Albert Einstein

x2t-01After my travels yesterday I found myself in the lawless territory controlled by Pirates.  Since I am not a serious trader with a fancy TS I don’t get any trouble.  I expected the area to be fairly desolate but was surprised to discover that there were still a lot of stations around.  After spending the night at a run down station I am eager to move on, new horizons and all that. (more…)

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“And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche

-thank you control.  Ease up the throttle, balance out the thrusters.  Rear camera, signal, manoeuvre.  Watch the lip of the docking hatch…and we’re out.  Wow…

x2-011All that time in the simulators, not to mention hours spent staring through the viewing window, it doesn’t prepare you for the first time you actually take your ship out.  The endless depths of infinity opening before you, the storm bands on the planet you spent almost all of your life on.  (more…)

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x2-01It’s arrived!

After four weeks my pilots license has finally arrived, I am now a qualified pilot of the Argon Redoubtable School of Engineering and Space-flight. Ever since Uncle Martinus gave me that banged up old disco as a birthday present I have dreamed of the day I could finally take her out ’round the crystal fab.  I’ll have to wait until tomorrow for my departure to be authorised but this was the biggest obstacle.  It’s sad that I won’t see my parents for a while, leaving to move into my own flat was okay but I knew I could see them as often as I wanted.  Once I leave Argon Prime I’ll have to keep working for quite a long time before I can afford some time off.  It is exciting though, starting out as an independent pilot, who knows what wonders I’ll see, and what I will eventually become… (more…)

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I was checking on Steam to see what the Weekend deal was (Tomb Raider Anniversary – £3.50) when I also noticed another game on sale, Buccaneer:  The Pursuit of Infamy.

I’ve played several games of this type and have often enjoyed them.  Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Port Royale, Tortuga etc.  They seem to have carved out their own genre, blurring the lines between sailing and trading games.

buccaneer01Buccaneer skips the trading and focus’ on the ships, specifically pirating.  The pirating group you’re a part of has hit upon hard times, you are given command of one of the few remaining vessels in the hope of restoring the group to their former infamy.  This also isn’t an open ended game like the others, instead you select missions from your base town and are transported to the mission area. (more…)

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