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ec01Yeesssss!  I’ve finally done it. (more…)


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egsu01Here we are, the last day of Evil Genius Week.

A lot has happened today, but did I make it?  Did I reach my goal?  You’ll just have to read and find out.  (Either that or skip to the bottom.)

With my “lair” prepared, it was now time to build the rocket that will launch my Gravity Disrupter into orbit.  A quick look at the objective screen:egsu02

Work will now be split into two fronts, preparation of the rocket, and infiltrating the security agencies.  Completing the former will require special resources.  Scattered throughout the world are various sites that can be exploited for resources.  All I needed to do was decide which to focus on.  Despite what the mission descriptions imply, it doesn’t matter if you just get the required amount from one site.

The second objective to infiltrate the worlds security agencies involved interrogating a diplomat from each.  Happily they were either holidaying or out doing field work on my very island.  All that was required was to capture them.  egsu04Pretty soon they were all locked up and I set about interrogating each of them, they quickly talked and now I had the information I would need to sneak in my own people into their agencies.  This would require the only minion type I had yet to acquire, the Diplomat.

egsu05Diplomats are the other tier four social minion, when befuddling agents and holiday makers, they attack their Loyalty (blue).  Disloyal agents don’t bother remembering anything the see.  Diplomats train Spin-Doctors with this contraption:  egsu06It is used to help minions learn how to act at social gatherings, such as Embassy Balls.

My first diplomat however seemed more interested in dealing with agents that training people for my mission…  This could take a while.

Now that Samantha Mumba was out of the picture, I currently only had one super agent to contend with.  Pretty soon I found out how I could get rid of him too, I had learnt the location of Jet Chans mentor, if I could kidnap him I could interrogate him until he divulged Jet Chan’s Achilles heel.  egsu07It would take ten workers and two Martial Artists to carry out the kidnapping so I quickly sent them out to get him.  Due to years of training, Jet Chans mentor would not succumb to psychological interrogation, instead I needed to use something physical.  The first thing that came to mind was the bookcase.  A quick spell in their and he told all.  egsu08Jet Chan had not been defeated for a very long time, if I (i.e. one of my minions) could best him in a ‘fair fight’ he would be so distraught that he would give up his position of super agent.  Unfortunately I was about to run into some serious trouble.

I had kept a minion blatantly carrying out misdeeds in the hope of attracting Jet Chan’s attention.  Despite being in the same area he didn’t take the bait, I even had him followed but still he would not come.  I decided the best way to get his attention was to combine my efforts with my other goal of obtaining resources.  I got my minions ready, then sent them out to the resource site in A.N.V.I.L. territory.  egsu03These missions work a little differently to the ones I had done in the past, instead of one single time limit each box of the resource took a certain amount of time, this meant I could start collecting what I needed, then stop part way through if I had reason to.  Fortunately once the mission is started, it doesn’t matter if the exact minion requirements are not fulfilled.  So despite losing a lot of minions over time, the resources kept coming so long as there was someone there.

egsu11Once the resources have been obtained from the world map they appear in the depot ready to be transported.  Due to the delicate nature of the resources they need to be stored in a freezer, I had setup a second empty freezer deeper in my “lair”.  It seemed however that the first freezer was slightly closer so the resources went there, it was a simple matter to have them transferred though.  After a while, with my stockpile growing higher I decided to have a look at the launching area.  I could now build sections of the rocket, so I started as many of the sections as I could.  Pretty soon I had four of the five sections complete, now I just needed a few more resources.  This was when things collapsed.

Stealing resources from a country  obviously makes them very angry.  This means they start sending large squads of soldiers.  egsu12Even though I had a large contingent of guards they wiped the floor with me.  Saboteurs were entering the base at the same time and they set to work blowing up, well, everything.  This was too much even for my henchmen and pretty soon half of my base was destroyed, including my training room and all the very expensive equipment in my laboratory.  egsu13As well as that my minion count was heavy depleted, including all of my high level minions, which would mean I’d have to redo all of the world map missions to get them back.  At this stage I felt like giving up.  If I could somehow manage to recover it would take me a very long time.  But I persevered.

Around this time Jet Chan finally graced me with an appearance.  I was pretty upset having just lost almost everything, and as I hardly had any minions I had to play it very carefully.  He would make a difficult recovery impossible if I didn’t get rid of him now.  I sounded the alert (it may well have already been running) informing my guards to arm themselves.  I piled all my henchmen together and set about taking Jet Chan down.  It was a vicious battle, some other agents were still attacking and my guard room was the focus.  Montezuma lost one of his lives, a sacrifice I thought was worth it.  Jet Chan was down, all I needed to do know was initiate the final encounter.  egsu14Almost all of my training equipment was gone, including the dojo I would need to fight Jet Chan.  Despite dwindling funds I decided to purchase one, soon it was in place.  Time for the fight.

I half expected I wouldn’t be able to carry out the fight since all of my Martial Artists were gone, but fortunately a basic minion volunteered.  Then I remembered, that this wasn’t going to be a fair fight.  egsu09

egsu10My minion won, Jet Chan was defeated.  He ran off in shame never to be seen again.  Now back to the task of rebuilding my forces and my “lair”.

Time went on…and on, and still I was trying to recover.  Since I had to withdraw all of my minions from the world map my heat rating was falling, which meant I had very little to deal with in my “lair”.  Funds were at a premium however, if I went out into the world to get more this would create heat attracting more agents to my base, and without minions to deal with them I would likely be pushed back even further.  I carefully placed the few minions I could spare in key locations, things were ever so slowly getting back on track.

An hour or two later I was finally in a position to start spending a little time on my objectives.  I had got a hold of another diplomat and so I had a go at sneaking one into an agency.  Sadly this failed, I needed more minions to back up the diplomat, and now I had to wait until another one was trained.  My diplomats were still not training any extra, they always seemed to be off in some corner of my “lair”, I think they may have been playing poker.  I finally managed to get some more Quantum Physicists so I decided to finish off getting the resources for my rocket.  This went fairly well, boxes were starting to filter into my base.  Time to see if I can build another rocket section, I could.  Then I got an Objective Complete message, all it had taken were two more boxes…

I stopped my minions on the world map and was free to focus on inserting my diplomats.

At this time two more super agents showed their faces:

egsu15Dirk Masters works for P.A.T.R.I.O.T., he carries two large large guns and happily mows down anything and everything, he can be a real pain.

egsu16The next was Katerina Frostonova, H.A.M.M.E.R. super agent, although she had been about on the world map for a while, she arrived on my island after Dirk Masters.  I’ve never really had any problems with her, I’m not sure why.  She could have some secret weapon that comes out in a fight, but most of the time I’ve managed to weaken her leaving her helpless.  egsu17I think her skill might be something to do with stealth, as it didn’t zoom in on her when she first appeared like it did for the others, but I found her anyway, slightly see through.

Throughout today’s play I got the chance to hire two henchmen.  The first I had too choose between two special henchmen:

egsu18Lord Kane

egsu19Eli Barracuda

I had played with Eli in the demo, so I went for Lord Kane.

The last henchman choice gave me the option of all the past henchmen on offer, plus Mesmero.  egsu20Since I’d ever even been offered him I decided to give him a try.

It’s now getting late, I’m hungry and starting to feel tired.  Things were ticking along just fine, but then along comes another group of soldiers.  I had managed to kidnap Dirk Masters and was interrogating him in the food mixer, the soldiers attack allowed him to escape, this was when I remembered why Red Ivan can be such trouble.  He fired his rocket launcher into the crowded mess hall, damaging a lot of people, including me..!  My health was getting dangerously low so I made a quick retreat before going back to coordinate the attack on Dirk Masters.  Once again my “lair” was in turmoil.

egsu21I’ve decided it’s time to break my rule of not looking at spoilers.  I have never made it past, or possibly up to, this point in Evil Genius, so I don’t know how much more is left to do.  A quick skim of the wiki I’ve mentioned before shows that there is still quite a long way until the game reaches its conclusion.  (wow this game keeps on giving)  I had hoped that if I hurried I could reach the end in time, but it turns out I won’t be able to.  I’ve run out of time…  This weeks project is at an end.

It’s not too bad.  I had noted at the start of Evil Genius Week that I didn’t have a set goal to reach, just to try and convey my regard for this game.  I hope I’ve achieved that.  I will be carrying on this game, although I’ve suffered yet another set back, it’s not as bad as earlier and I managed to recover from that.  This intense play has left me a bit worn out, so I’ll have a short break then get right back into it. Sometime in the future I’ll post the results of this hard toil.

How dare you skip to the bottom.  😉

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egs01Time for a fresh start.

After you have collected all the information and funds you need, it’s time to find somewhere more suitable, and where is more suitable than the heart of a volcano?

A last quick look around and I was ready to go, I headed to the world map and pressed ‘New Island’.  A warning comes up making sure you wish to move, how dare it think that me, an evil mastermind, am not 100% certain about everything I do…  Time for packing.  My minions kindly box up all of my loot and then head off for the depot, all I have to do is join them when I’m ready.  But this island did not want to let me go…

egs03Agents might be pretty dim, spotting something that’s obviously illegal and not paying it any attention, but when they spot a chance to finish you off they take it instantly.  All my minions and henchmen were now waiting at the depot, I was alone in the base, except for my bodyguard, when several agents come in through the only entrance.  I knew I should have created an emergency exit.  All I could do was hide and wait for my chance.  Things soon got worse however as who should enter my “lair” but Samantha Mumba.  The agents were hanging around the entrance to my control room, this gave me an idea.  I unlocked the door and they headed in, I then relocked it trapping them inside.  These particular agents being saboteurs enjoy setting explosives, I remember many games where they made it to my power room and set about crippling my “lair”.  egs04Seeing the consoles they set their explosives, and ended up repeatedly blowing themselves up.  Samantha Mumba meanwhile, was making her way further into my base.  The saboteurs now, understandably, wanted to get out of the control room, so I unlocked the door again and they ran off out of the base.  Samantha Mumba went in to the now almost completely empty control room, just a few very damaged memory banks.  She proceeded to start attacking them with her knife, this was my opportunity, I locked her in and made a run for it.  Well, a quick walk at least.  I was free.egs05

Whereas the first island is a traditional desert island, the second is a jungle, complete with monkeys and strange head carvings:  egs06This time I started of with two outdoor shacks, to hold my many items of loot.  Unfortunately this is not enough and they were spread out in the surrounding area.  I needed to start building my new “lair” quickly before agents came along to steal them.  Fortunately no-one came along for quite a while.

On a side note, moving islands has meant I had to give up on reassembling the totem pole, the optional objective has now disappeared, what’s worse is I have to hang on to the pieces.  Oh well, I can just put them somewhere out of the way.

egs07As you have limited access to room blueprints at the start of the game, your first “lair” develops organically, spreading out slowly.  When you start on the second island though you already have access to all the different rooms and a large number of objects.  Yet due to the fact that your lovely Effiel Tower miniature is collecting rust from being out in the elements, and the fact that agents could be along at any moment, you have to come up with a plan quickly.  The various rooms can be demolished at a later time, corridors however cannot.  It would have been nice to plan out a series of fiendish traps at the entrances of my new “lair” but you just have to make do.  egs08It turns out I didn’t really have enough funds to get started.  (~$300,000)  It’s partly down to psychology, you’re used to filling a room up with the best equipment, whereas what you should do is only add the bare essentials for each room and build up later, but this makes deciding the size and shape of a room difficult.  I had a lovely barracks and guard room, but I was already running low on cash.  I had most of the rooms already planned out but could afford to start construction, I needed to send out some minions to steal some more money.

Things were ticking over, one by one I was building the various rooms I had planned out and things were going okay.  Now I should check the objective screen:  egs09It was finally time to decide on my master plan, as soon as my laboratory was up and running I could steal the Codex of Knowledge.  egs10This contains all the information I would need to work out the finer points of my plan.  It wasn’t difficult to steal it.

Trouble was on it’s way however. egs11Another super agent, Jet Chan, from A.N.V.I.L.  He is the second super agent you run into, a better fighter than Samantha Mumba, he will take down a lot of your minions unless you can coordinate an attack.  Fortunately the first time he appeared I had plenty of social minions running about, he was soon standing around outside with a not so bright look on his face.

Around this time the attacks were becoming more frequent.  The second island is difficult to build for because the two depots are at either end, this meant I had to build two entrances.  egs12I put a camouflaged shack on the one, but there was so much activity that it wasn’t hidden well.  Some more difficult agents managed to slip in and get a clear attack on me!  I ran, minions one-by-one joining the fight, my bodyguard gave her life to protect me.  As you become more notorious you gain bodyguards, however once one is killed, you don’t get a replacement.  Finally the agents were taken down, they would pay.  Mwuhuhahaha.egs13

A quick look at the optional objectives, shows something quite interesting:egs14

I mentioned very vaguely yesterday that super agents might not be totally indestructible.  All of them have a special weakness, if you can exploit this weakness in some way the path towards success becomes so much easier.  Super agents regularly break out of their cells and every time they do you can lose a lot of minions.  Even the best standard agents can be taken down easily by several minions, only the super agents can bring a “lair” to it’s knees.  (Unless you aren’t paying attention.)  I remember in previous games not getting this information until I had most of the super agents on my back, I’m going to make the most of this head start I’ve got.  Especially since Samantha Mumba’s last attack almost killed one of my henchmen, and although it wouldn’t be much bother losing a life, it’s the principle of the thing.  Time for Samantha Mumba to have an appointment with the doctor.  egs15A few minutes later and she will no longer be a problem.  I won’t put the final picture on here directly, I don’t want to spoil it for you (yes, I know I’ve already spoilt most of the game  :mrgreen:), so click here if you want to see the results.

I suffered another loss today in the form of my Ancient Samurai Armour.  It was my own fault for placing it in the guard room so close to the entrance, I didn’t have any henchmen on the island at the time so I lost it forever.  I lost quite a lot of guards at the same time, it will take me a while to build my forces back up.

egs17Having obtained the Codex I now needed a scientist from the outside to interpret it.  My science minions are smart but it takes someone really intelligent to use the Codex properly.  egs18Each agency has a scientist up to the job, I went for the one in South Africa.  All I had to do now was protect him while he worked, none of the agents managed to get into my base.

Now I have the information I require to choose my master plan, but first the scientist I had hired was getting cold feet and wanted to go back to the security agencies, I couldn’t allow this of course.  He was swiftly dispatched.  Now to decide which plan I wish to carry out, each is attached to a special research device.  Due to my lack of funds I hadn’t bought any of these devices, now I did have enough money for one of them, but which one to choose.  egs19After much deliberating I finally decided to go with the Gravity distrupter, I can just imagine civilians floating helplessly in the air.  I place the AI SuperComputer and head for the research screen to start drawing up the plans.  egs20Now a scientist takes the information for the AI SuperComputer to analyse and soon I’m ready to make preparations.  The centre of the volcano is hard rock that cannot be built in normally, there is a large space right in the middle, and it’s here that I need to build the launching pad for my rocket.  egs21A short while later and the rocket complex is complete.  egs22I’m so close to the end now I can taste it, however there is still a lot to do and, with only one day to go, I might not make it before the end of the week…

To finish off here is a picture of a monkey.  egs23Take care.  🙂

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Sorry it’s bit late, and technically Friday, but it’s been a busy day…egth01After discovering and stealing the research equipment yesterday it was time to start coming up with a master plan.  For this you need several pieces of information that are scattered throughout the game.  egth02Some are found on the world map, others on individuals who visit your island.  You have to get a total of nine ideas, and you start off with three anyway.

egth03I had already found two yesterday in the form of Acts of Infamy, it was just a simple matter of carrying them out.

egth04I found one piece of information walking around my island.  If I selected these soldiers it showed up next to them.  I would have to interrogate one of these soldiers, no easy feat as there are a lot of them.  If I send my minions in I would likely lose several, this is a job for my henchmen.  I was distracted by important Evil Genius business at the time, so I didn’t see how things started, but I did see how they ended.egth05

In other news I got quite a few new types of minion today.

Firstly were two new types of scientist, the Biochemistegth06

and the Quantum physicist.  egth07Both of these are better at researching and discovering new objects to test, they are tier four on the minion management screen.  All tier four minions are also capable of teaching the lower tiers, for example, a Quantum Physicist can instruct a basic minion in becoming a technician, and then a technician into becoming a Scientist.  After that they can only teach to their specific branch of their discipline.  egth10Biochemists train using a table similar to the basic chemists table, except it has a special chamber.  egth09Quantum Physicists use a computer workstation.

egth11For the next I actually skipped ahead, the Marksman is one of the tier four minions in security.  The Marksman always carrys a gun, even if you haven’t sounded yellow alert, he’s not particularly good at hand-to-hand fighting, but as he has his gun there is no problem with him carrying out kill tags.  egth12For training he uses a long firing range, unfortunately without the tier three security minion I didn’t have the equipment to train any more marksmen.  So I set about recruiting a Mercenary.  egth13I’ve never really liked the mercenaries, sure they use a big gun but they seem to miss quite often, I generally only see them as a means to getting marksmen and the other tier four minion.

egth15The last new minion I obtained was the Playboy, a tier four social minion, the Playboy is great a befuddling anyone who might wander into your base.  He lowers several of the enemies stats at a time, although some are lowered less than others.

Research was moving along swiftly, lots of new equipment to use, firstly I finally got all the different types of research equipment.  I now had all three of the items I could have stolen on the world map, I got the Impact-Stress analyser and the Laser yesterday.  egth16Today I got the centrifuge, it takes on board research samples and spins them around at high velocity, it can also do this with prisoners…  egth17I also unlocked the Bio-tanks.

egth18Power shortages should be a thing of the past as I’ve now unlocked the Nuclear reactor, these provide a huge amount of power and take up less space than the first generator.  I also unlocked the disguised generator.  Generators have a heat, so if they are found by investigators they will be considered evidence. I have placed all three of my power rooms pretty deep inside my “lair” so I don’t have to worry about this.  Disguised generators take up the same amount of room as a normal generator and generate the same amount of electricity, I’ll just stick to the nuclear ones.

The brainwasher is great.  It can be used by your minions to recover their Smarts (yellow) or it can be used on prisoners.  It sucks the users brain out and washes it around in a giant globe of water, this is great for getting agents to forget any evidence they might have seen.

A few new traps were researched, the most important of these, I think, was the laser tripwire.  egth19If you remember, way back on Monday, I had the trouble of people setting off my wind trap, but then walking to the side before it activated.  The Laser trip-wire stretches across a corridor, any disruption activates whatever it is attached too.  My wind trap is much more effective now.

One of the last pieces of research my minions uncovered was titled ‘Freaks’, it had a picture of a hand crawling out of what looked like the Bio-tanks…  I have never encountered this before, I’m excited.

Since I now had the centrifuge and the mixer in the mess hall, I could now really get started dealing with agents who have seen too much.  Around this point in the game the amount of enemies attempting to infiltrate your base sky-rockets, and I have often resorted to killing them.  But now I had these two devices I had the ability to process pairs of infiltrators as well as lone agents.  Quite a few interrogation devices result in death, the interrogation chair, the other research equipment, the bookcases.  The mixer and centrifuge however confuse the agents causing them to forget everything they’ve learnt while in your “lair”.  You can then happily send them outside with all the other agents who have yet to enter.  As mentioned above there is also the brainwasher, but I’ll have to expand my archive before I can fit it in.

Things were going well, however I was about to suffer a huge setback.

Things were going full pelt both in my base, and on the world stage, the amount and type of agents attempting to gain access to my base were increasing rapidly.  It all after a series of victories on the world map, the various countries started sending in soldiers, and some of them gained access deep into my base.  egth20They were wreaking havoc,  and all of my minions were being distracted or killed by them, allowing more to enter from the main entrance.  My control room was almost completely destroyed, some of the new traps I had placed further into my base were destroyed, egth21They even destroyed my desk!  After surviving by the skin of my teeth I had the arduous and expensive task of refitting my base.  This wiped out a huge amount of my funds and I had very few minions left.  Fortunately a lot of the ones who survived were my advanced minions, this meant I was able to start training immediately.  By the end of the game I had just about recovered, even my funds were back on the up.

I have been planning some special traps in the hope that they will catch some of the agents.  I’ve setup this trap:egth22But no-one has used it yet so I shall explain it later (if they ever use it).  Slightly more successful was my plan to utilise the outside shack that originally contained my stronghold.  I rebuilt a stronghold, but didn’t put any money racks in, instead I setup a trap.  egth23Once triggered a cardboard cut-out pops up startling anyone near by, they then attempt to attack it and then find to their dismay that it isn’t a threat, this lowers their Smarts (yellow).  It has the unfortunate side-effect of working on your minions as well as enemy agents, so I don’t like to use it much.  But as this is outside it didn’t matter.  egth24It had limited success, it worked properly but  has no appreciable impact on the hordes outside my entrance.  I’ll probably swap it tomorrow with something more deadly.  Mwuhuhahaha.

egth25There is an optional mission that has been available to me since almost the start of the game.  Find and recover pieces of a totem pole.  The story goes that travellers came upon a tribal society and took their totem pole, chopping it up into four sections.  The leader of this tribe cursed the pieces, until the day they are reunited.  After time spent investigating on the world map, special missions appear to recover these pieces.  Whereas other loot has a positive effect on your minions, these pieces have a negative effect, so I keep them locked up in my Inner Sanctum.  I have never completed this totally unnecessary objective.  I have just now recovered a third section (it’s actually the fourth section.), I’m hoping I can complete it this time.

Will I find the last section of the totem pole?

Will I obtain the last piece of the puzzle and finally come up with my master plan?

What are Freaks?

And who is this woman clad only in a bikini?


Find out tomorrow…

Wow, a blog post that’s under 2000 words, haven’t seen that in a while…  😐

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egw01Before I can start my master plan, I need to do a bit of book work.  In order to research in Evil Genius you have to steal a research machine, that is currently being shown at a technological conference in Japan.    When you view a country on the world map it has little icons representing missions you have uncovered.  Flags are basic Acts of Infamy, the special missions have something more detailed.  When you need to capture a guard, technician or maid there is a little statuette, when you have found some nice loot to steal there is a miniature model of it.  egw02Clicking on one of these objects zooms in close and shows you a panel with a description of the mission, minion requirements and various other details.  The first two are always visible, however the time it will take and the difficulty are hidden unless you have a working control room.

egw025Once I got my minions in place it was time to start the mission.  As I mentioned yesterday, guards are good at protecting the other minions from being killed off by enemy agents, henchmen however are even better, and since they can’t be killed it’s a good idea to allocate them to difficult missions.  Once you click go, the timer starts counting down, at random intervals some of you minions are killed off, if all of your workers are killed before the timer reaches zero, then the mission has failed and you have to start all over again.  I’ve normally got a few other minions out in the world at the time, it can be a good strategy to keep some close by so that you can reinforce if things start going bad.  egw033…2…1… mission successful, now I will be able to build a Laboratory, but first there is something you need to do.  You need to carry out an objective, after this high-profile strike against the world the various security agencies are eager to reclaim the research machine, time to throw them off the scent.  You have to place a laboratory with a fake research machine inside, and allow someone to steal it.

egw04An inflatable decoy is setup and all you have to do is wait.  I had a bit of spare space near my entrance, I normally end up putting my laboratory deep inside my base, but this makes it difficult for the agents to get too.  So I like setting up a small laboratory containing the fake research machine close to the entrance.  egw05A pair of burglars enter my base and quickly find the decoy, they start heading for the entrance but come up against a locked door, they then decide to turn back and try the other way.  Nooo, there going deeper into my base.  A few agonising minutes later they head back towards the entrance, this time I’ve unlocked the door so that it will open for them, then off they go.

Doors have four security settings; One dot means unlocked, anyone can use it. Two dots mean only your staff may use it.  Three means that only you may use it and four means only you may use it and guards are posted.  This is one part of the game I think could have been improved, it’s rare that you only want yourself to enter a room and it would have been nice to be able to post guards at door with a lower security level.

egw06Now that I’ve got a little breathing space it’s time to start setting up my laboratory.  The research machine will only analyse results, it can’t do any testing, for this you need some testing equipment.  Once you have uncovered them on the world map you have a choice of three devices, I had forgotten that you can only steal one of these, so when I tried to initiate a second theft it wouldn’t let me.  What’s worse is that I hadn’t picked my favourite, the giant laser.  (What Evil Genius doesn’t have a giant laser?)  I started to panic, and even thought about reloading an old save, a quick read of this Evil Genius Wiki reminded me that although you can only steal one, you can research the others later, phew.

At this time I could also select a second henchman.  Three options were available and I just needed to send a single basic minion to recruit them, all I had to do was choose…  In previous games I had hired all of the ones on offer at some point.

First there was Dr. Neurocide.  She’s good at uncovering information on the world map, she also has some pretty good attacks.  ‘I recommend Amp-u-tation.’egw07Then there’s The Matron.  An old nanny, she’s definitely not the kind of person you’d want taking care of you.  She uses a spiked mace for up close fighting and has some very funny lines.  ‘Who wants a smacked botty?’egw08Lastly there was Red Ivan, a huge hulking soldier, he’s great at protecting minions in the field, and he’s also handy with a rocket launcher.  Unfortunately he can be a little over zealous, taking out your minions as well as the enemy as the rocket launcher has a large blast radius.  egw09In the end I went for Ivan, I’ve played with the other two more often and I was starting to have some security issues, he would be handy to have around.

Research in Evil Genius is a little strange, there are no tech. trees and you can’t specify exactly what you want to research.  I’m all in favour of new approaches to research, the tech. tree maybe a good idea but it has become very overused, this approach is a little hit and miss though.  Your technical staff wander around your “lair”, occasionally taking out their clipboard to make a few notes, every so often they head towards your laboratory and input their findings into the databank.  This puts objects on the research screen.  To view the research screen you click the button with the conical glass on at the bottom of the screen.  egw10Along the top are various objects your staff think can be used in research, you select one and then choose which equipment you wish to test it on.  At first I only had the Impact-Stress analyser, but surprise, surprise the first object I researched was the giant laser,  Yay!  Different testing equipment results in different end results, some are dead ends while others will give you new objects.  egw11You can pay a certain amount of cash to eliminate testing that will not bear fruit, later on in the game you get more testing equipment, the more you eliminate the higher the price will become.  To be honest this makes it a bit too easy, I’ve built up a lot of spare cash now so I can always afford to pay.  However you cannot eliminate all the bad results, there will always be a bad one no matter how much you pay, this kind of balances it out.

Once you have selected an object to be tested on, a technical minion heads out to the object with a sample container.

Once you have selected an object to be tested on, a technical minion heads out to the object with a sample container.

After collecting a sample he heads back to the lab.

After collecting a sample he heads back to the lab.

It is then tested in the specified machine.

It is then tested in the specified machine.

After testing the sample is then placed in the Research machine for analysis.

After testing the sample is then placed in the Research machine for analysis.

Technicians are good at finding new objects to research, but they’re not the best when it comes to the actual work.  Around the time you unlock the laboratory equipment a new skilled worker appears on the world map, the scientist.  Time for a bit more kidnapping.  egw16The scientist is a third tier minion, only technicians can be trained to create scientists.  egw165If you look at the minion management screen you see that the basic minion can move along any of the three paths, but once they reach the second tier they are locked in that career path.  egw17Obtaining you first scientist unlocks the Chalk Board in the training room.  Scientists are even better than technicians when it comes to researching and plotting on the world map, but they also take a long time to train from a basic minion so I tend not to risk them.

I managed to research quite a few different items today, first was the laser as I’ve already mentioned, next up was the bookcase.  This goes into an archive room.  There are various types of rooms to help replenish your minions stats, the archive room contains books to help recover their Smarts (yellow).  The bookcase is not for reading though, like the mixer in the mess hall it’s for interrogating.  egw18A prisoner is shoved into the middle aisle, then the two shelves start closing in, the prisoner puts up a valiant effort, but is repeatedly crushed.  One of the other new objects was the new and improved console for use in the control room.  egw19As you can see compared to the older consoles on either side they’re half the length, they also only requires one minion to operate.  Now you can double the amount of workers gathering information on the outside world, even the more secretive countries can no longer avoid your gaze.  I also researched two new doors, the heavy door and the field door.

egw20 egw21

These are more resistant to agents attempting to bypass them.

The next third tier minion I obtained was the Spin-Doctor.  egw22These experienced minions are on the social path so only Valets can become Spin-Doctors.  Whenever you have minions on the world map, they create heat, the more heat, the more agents are sent to your island.  Spin-Doctors do an even better job than Valets when it comes to reducing the amount of heat your other minions create.  When Valets deal with enemy agents tagged to be weakened they attack the agents Attention (violet), Spin-Doctors attack the agents Smarts (yellow), leaping around with a camera embarrassing the poor agent.  egw23Spin-Doctors use a mini-television studio to train Valets.

There are various types of agents that will arrive on your island, Investigators try to uncover objects that have a heat rating, Burglars try to steal your money and any objects you may have stolen; today I had some soldiers pay me a visit.  I remember these agents very well, as you get further and further into the game you get larger groups of soldiers.  They are quite happy to destroy your doors and objects, and if they are provoked, they can kill many of your minions unless they are armed.  Along the bottom bar, near the right, you have your alert buttons.  Normally this will be green and your minions will go about as normal, should things get hairy though you can sound different alert status’.  Yellow means that all of your basic minions and security minions head for the nearest Guard room and pick-up guns from the gun rack.  If they see someone with a kill tag, instead of going up close and fighting with fists, they will shoot at a distance.  The last alert condition is Red, as with yellow your minions arm themselves, and anyone who isn’t on your payroll is killed on sight, no tags required.

To wrap up, here are some of the smaller incidents that occurred today:

egw24I stole the Eiffel Tower with a giant shrinking ray.  Whereas it once took two pieces of loot to maintain everyone’s loyalty while working in the control room, the shrunken Eiffel Tower can do it alone.egw25I had another power cut, but fortunately the capacitors I had placed, kept things running.  (I guess they are fairly useful after all.)  The red lighting actually makes the minions look very different.egw26I became notorious enough to need a bodyguard.egw27I was viciously attacked by an escaped prisoner, they got their just deserts…  Mwuhuhahaha

egw28I also found that agents were now sneaking into the base by other means, most of my defences were focused at the entrance to my “lair”, I think I’ll need to improve my security tomorrow…

A follow up from yesterday, I didn’t suffer any more crashes.  If you are encountering instability try turning off V-sync.

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egt01Minions are great.  They will carry out all sorts of different orders, but they only have limited technical, social and fighting skills.  After you have started building your “lair”, you are told to kidnap a maid who is wandering around your island.  Once caught you can order one of your minions to interrogate her, the minion in question then gains the special knowledge she possesses, this creates a new type of worker, the Valet.

egt02The Valet is a social minion, good at taking care of agents and the various holiday makers who seem to think your island is some sort of tropical paradise.  They are experts in psychology, able to confuse and disorient people, getting rid of them without the need for violence.  As mentioned yesterday, violence is an option, but can often bring unwanted attention.  However being able to send agents home thinking they never found anything incriminating is good for your public profile.  Valets can also use fire extinguishers should some of your precious equipment catch fire.

egt03There are various types of minion you can hire, looking at the minion management screen you can see lots of slots that will be filled later in the game.  It is here that you decide the balance of minions.  The number on the bottom tells you how many you can have in total, then you input the desired amount with the arrows next to each minion box.  You can only hire standard minions, all the others can only be obtained by training or interrogation.  The slider adjusts how often new minions are hired (assuming you have the space), it starts on $0 for a minion every minute, and it scales up to $4000 for a minion every second.  If you don’t need any it’s best to leave it at the bottom so you get them for free, if however you are being attacked and have the spare cash it’s a big help.

egt04Along with Valets another of the first types you encounter are the guards.  Orange suited muscle men, handy with fists and a gun, also having skill in evil “lair” security.  One the world map, guards are good at stealing money and protecting any other minions who might be in the vicinity.

egt05The last of the new types of minion you encounter in the early game is the technician.  Technicians can fix broken equipment and perform basic medical care, they are also adept at finding out information on the world map.  Later on in the game they can also help with research.

egt06Once you have at least one of these minions, you can train more in a training room.  Each type has a specific piece of equipment, punching dummies for guards, chemical mixing tables for technicians and chairs for valets.  When minions change, there is a bone-crunching sound, it’s great, yet at the same time spine-tingling.

egt07As with the Valet, in order to initially obtain trained guards and technicians, you need to capture someone with the skill and have a basic minion interrogate them.  This is done by completing missions on the world map.  Once you have captured them you need somewhere to hold them, along with any other pesky individuals, such as agents.  The Guard room has multiple uses.  It is mainly where you place cells to hold your prisoners, these are unfortunately not fool proof and more intelligent agents can escape ready to cause more trouble.  It’s best not to keep people in there for a long time, you need to decide what to do about them.

egt08Three options, the first one is to let them go, I’m not quite sure why you’d want to do this.  The second option is simply to kill them, you could have done this in the first place instead of issuing the capture tag, but sometimes you suddenly get an influx of new prisoners and you need a quick solution.  A security or basic minion picks up a gun, goes to the cell and shoots them, a bodybag then appears for you to deal with.

The last option is one of my favourites, mostly because of the humourous ways in which you can interrogate prisoners.  The first item you get is the basic interrogation chair, a small chair with lamp attached.  Using this on a prisoner results in death, but it is the only way to deal with skilled prisoners such as the maid, and it also allows you to obtain information from agents.  (Although I’m not quite sure how that works.)  A minion escorts the prisoner to the chair, then proceeds to go through various routines in order to break their spirit.

Waving a cigarette in their face then taking it away.  (You could say it’s setting a bad example, but I see it as an important detail in the spy setting.)

Bashing cymbals over their head.

Bashing cymbals over their head.

Spinning the chair around, follow by a sudden stop with a hand.

Spinning the chair around, follow by a sudden stop with a hand.

And one of the best, the minion does a Michael Jackson dance routine.

And one of the best, the minion does a Michael Jackson dance routine.

egt12Early on you gain access to a mess hall, a place where your minions can get some food to help boost their stats.  You can place an ordinary kitchen counter, but you also get the option of one with a huge mixing bowl.  You can use this as a form of interrogation, a minion escorts the prisoner to the mixer and shoves them in the bowl, they then proceed to turn it on again and again spinning the poor individual around and around screaming, the minion standing nonchalantly to the side.  This does not kill them, however it is a great way to deal with agents who have learnt secret information.  You might not want to kill them, but you can’t send them back as they are, a quick spin in the mixer makes them forget everything they’ve seen, they can then be escorted outside as if nothing had happened.  Throughout the game you gain more and more ways of dealing with them using equipment from various rooms.  All of them hilarious.

After I had placed my new devious trap yesterday, I suffered a power cut.

egt13Power management in Evil Genius is very simple, two types of devices can be placed in Power rooms, Generators and Capacitors.  Generators are your main source of power, the little indicator on the bar along the bottom lets you know the power situation.  The bottom number represents your power consumption, the top your total available power.  The bottom one should be green, once you get close to your power limit it turns yellow, this is bad as your generators will start taking damage.  If you have a lot of technicians this isn’t too much of a problem, but it does eat away at their time.  If they both turn red, you will suffer a power cut and all powered devices will turn off and be unusable.

egt14This is very bad as your most important devices are powered, in my case this switched off my new shiny control room, traps and doors.  All doors become unlocked in a power cut so you need to keep your guard up.  Fortunately, as I had only just tipped over my power limit, I just turned off my control room and power was restored.  While not good, this was better than losing the doors and my trap.  Your base provides a certain amount of power for free, all I had to do now was build a power room and things would soon be back to normal.  When you put a time card machine in a room you can control certain aspects of it.  Switching it to red shuts the room down, yellow means it will be used normally, and the various stages of green increase the amount of workers in a room, this means that you can have staff already on hand when someone’s shift ends.

The other type of power device is the Capacitor, this uses the surplus energy of your generators to build up a supply that can be used in the event of a power cut. (yes, I know that is not what a capacitor actually does, but the name is cool)  However in the past I have found it better to just use the space for more power generators, but you can fit one or two if there is any surplus room.

After completing the first set of objectives to get my “lair” setup, it was time to start planning for the future.  The next objectives have you rounding up various criminal leaders for a meeting to discuss your plans.  This is no simple task, they require work both on the world map and in the area surrounding your base.  A little more detail on the world map; when you send out minions into the world you have three options, plotting, stealing and hiding.  Stealing simply increases your funds, hiding is used when enemy agents are active on the world map, if you don’t hide your minions, they are killed off over time.  Plotting is used to discover Acts of Infamy, and further your path to victory.

I soon find out the location of the first three, the fourth one will apparently take some convincing with my mixing bowl.  Mwuhuhahaha.

egt15He soon joins the others at my shiny new conference table.  The objective said the next one would be even more difficult, it turned out he was.  Not only did I have to spend time searching several different countries, he would only come out if I was notorious enough.  The notoriety bar runs along the bottom of the map screen, every time you commit an evil deed it goes up.  I hadn’t spent much time bothering with the Acts of Infamy, only stopping to steal a nice trinket.  Most of the Acts of Infamy have no effect beside increasing your notoriety, some however are attached to specific objects you can steal.  Once you have completed the mission you can place the object somewhere in your “lair”, it gives stat boosts to anyone nearby like my own field of influence.  Minions who work hard can often have their stats drained quite quickly and Loyalty (blue) cannot be replenished by resting in a bed, it requires you to be present, or a symbol of your power.  Placing my new prize in the middle of the control room means my minions will be able to work longer, and be less drained at the end.

egt16After I crossed the notoriety threshold a large bright light shone on the world map, signifying an important mission.  Going in closer shows a statuette of the criminal leader.  Soon the ex-CIA agent was sitting at my conference table.  The last criminal leader was going to be another based on my island.  He had the audacity to send his own agents to try and kill me!  Jubei had just returned having been defeated on a particularly tricky mission on the world map, time to deal with the intruders.  Three waves in total were sent to my island, the first two making it inside my “lair” where my guards dealt with them, but unfortunately not before they took out several of my minions, nothing much to worry about though.  The last wave headed round the other end of the mountain, so I sent Jubei after them, he only has a sword whereas they had guns, but once he got in close they didn’t stand a chance.  The last criminal leader decided to show up.

egt17Once everyone is seated a little in-game entertainment is provided, the middle of the table flips over showing an island, a tower rises out showing some sort of mirror.  It turned to the criminal leader who dared to attack me, and fried him with a laser.  Now everyone knows who is in charge.

Tomorrow it’s time to start putting my plan into action, time to do a little research…

Another performance note; when I started I was getting a huge FPS, but now more was happening it had started to drop, I decided to put V-sync on in case it got any lower.  Also, as I have an LCD monitor it would eliminate tearing, which I dislike.  I suffered two crashes during today’s game, when I turned V-sync back off it ran fine.  Also, as I found when I forgot to take a screenshot of something, don’t alt-tab.  It will crash when you try to get back in.

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egm01I started today with an excited tingle, I was really looking forward to getting back into Evil Genius.  Actually, it could have been…no, no it was definitely the game…

It’s strange how you can go without playing a game for a long time, not feel any need to go back to it, then when you finally do, you wonder why you didn’t get back to it earlier.  As I mentioned yesterday\earlier, Evil Genius is one of my favourite games of all time.  Today was going to be fun.

Starting up the game, my feelings of  positive trepidation soon reach fever pitch.  The art style, the humourous introductory video, the music…the music.  The title music is probably my favourite musical score in any game, ever.  The music in-game is great, it fills the game with feeling yet stays in the background, but it’s nothing compared to the title music.  Rightly so, it received a BAFTA Nomination for  ‘Best Original Music’  in 2004, whatever won the award better have been amazing.  (Here is an interesting interview with the games composer.)

After a quick fiddling with the Options (see below) it’s time to start.  First up is difficulty selection, I didn’t want the game to be too easy, and yet it would be terrible if my game fell apart before the week is over, this is what they create Medium for.  Next you get to pick your avatar, the in-game representation of yourself.  All of them follow traditional James Bond-style villain archetypes;  there is Maximilian a Blofeld-type character, Alexis seductive woman, and Shen Yu a mystical secretive leader.  I’ve played with both of the male ones before, and I’ll be using Maximilian again this time.  Sorry Alexis.egm02Now it’s time to start planning for world domination.  Mwuhuhahaha.

I’ve already said I hadn’t played Evil Genius for a long time, but it was even longer since I started a new game.  I had forgotten how easy the start is, this makes it great for easing yourself in.  Problems rarely crop up, giving you time to plan your new lair properly.  egm03A quick FMV shows you approaching the island, these are used sparingly so most of your time is uninterrupted.  egm04You start off with a small building at the base of a huge mountain, this contains your stronghold while you get setup.  Later on it can be re-purposed to something that doesn’t require concealing, it’s not safe leaving your gold bars lying around…  There is already an entrance into the mountain setup, the first move will be to start a corridor.  A quick look at the objectives first so that we know what to focus on:egm05

Time to start building, this is probably where the Dungeon Keeper comparisons come from, rooms and corridors follow a square tile based system.  Right-clicking on the rock will bring up a mini-menu, this gives you some building options.  You select the type of room you wish to construct, then select the area in which you want it to be built, you can either drag-select or click individual tiles.  egm06This turns the rock blue (hence blue-prints) if it’s correct or red if the area is not wide enough.  Reselecting a tile will remove it from the plans.  egm07Once the area is properly marked out, clicking off will create a tag, construction is paused to start with, allowing you to lay out the basic shape of several rooms, then readjust them before building actually starts.  Clicking the tag starts construction.  Now your minions will get to work.

egm08Minions are the ones wearing yellow jumpsuits, they mostly construct, place objects and transport money, but they can also do a variety of other jobs.  When you have ordered a building to be constructed, they run off to the stronghold.  The stronghold is where you put your spoils, the amount of gold bars increases as you obtain more money.  However it is the racks of briefcases that are used for purchasing (no shop would accept payment in gold bars…), a minion picks one up then runs off to the depot.  The depot is your connection to the outside world, this is where money, objects and personnel arrive at and leave the island.  egm09The minion then comes back with a huge stack of dynamite, and heads for the construction site, bouncing along in comedic fashion.  Depending on the size of the room several of these stacks may be required, they are laid down at the access point that connects to the rest of your lair.

There are lots of influences on this game besides James Bond, one of these is Austin Powers (hence the colourful uniforms and humour), and every time I type ‘lair’, I really want to do the speech marks.  :mrgreen: egm10Once enough dynamite is placed, the last minion moves a safe distance, pulls out a remote control and turns the knob.  Any near by characters stop and cover their ears.  All the rocks explode and a green canvas covers the area, a few seconds later the room is ready.  Objects can be placed in a room either before you initiate construction, or after.  If any were placed before, they now show up as see-through markers.  egm11Each of these have a tag above them, if a minion is already in the process of purchasing or transporting the object it appears lit, if nothing is being done yet it appears dull grey.  Objects are bought in the same way as dynamite, a minion picks up a briefcase then goes to the depot and picks up a crate.  When they get in position, they drop the crate and unpack it in one swift movement.

The first building I placed was a barracks, this is where your various workers go to rest, and the total amount of staff you can employ is correspondent to the amount of lockers you have.  I then placed a stronghold to keep my wealth, meaning I can move my gold bars from out in the open to the safety of my “lair”.  Next up is a control room.  egm12Having a “lair” is all well and good, but you can’t take over the world without at least visiting it.  The control room is where your minions coordinate information about the outside world, once you have placed this you are given access to the world map.  egm13It’s split up into sections, to increase your funds you have to send minions out into the world to steal from the various countries.  With an empty or insufficiently staffed control room you have no information, only a total income counter.  egm24Once staffed you can see the individual wealth and security ratings, income per country and detailed information about Acts of Infamy.  These are missions you can send your minions to perform, some just increase your Notoriety rating, others give you access to new objects, staff or information.

With two of the objectives out of the way, that just left that last one, eliminate the investigators.  Except for a few actions such as construction and moving your Evil Genius you don’t directly control anything, instead you tag specific orders to people and objects.  Right-clicking on the investigators brings up the follow options:egm15

The first removes any tags you have already placed, the second gives the order to kill them, the third is capture and the last is weaken.  I’ll cover the last two another time.  Once I’ve tagged all the investigators it’s just a matter of time before someone runs across them and carries out my orders.  One of these people was Jubei:egm16

You will lose many members of staff throughout a game, as an Evil Genius this won’t bother you, they can always be replaced.  Jubei however is a henchman, these powerful characters cannot be killed by normal agents, they can be overwhelmed and if they are attacked in the field they go into hiding for a while, but they will always come back.  Unlike minions, you can also give them specific orders.  They are like Jaws or Oddjob in the James Bond films, your personal protectors and willing to carry out your more difficult commands.

When people other than your minions are killed, they leave a bodybag behind.  egm17These upset your staff and have a heat rating.  Various investigators and other types of spies are sent to your island to see what you’re up to, if they get word back to their headquarters that you’re up to no good they send in more powerful agents.  The Heat rating is attached to any objects that non-Evil Genius’ shouldn’t have, dead bodies, weapons, stolen goods, illegal equipment etc.  If an agent spots them, they take a picture with their camera, and now have evidence to take back to HQ.  Objects can be stored in rooms with locked doors and placed in hard to reach areas, but what can you do about dead bodies?  egm18The Freezer becomes unlocked after you kill these initial investigators, bodybags placed in it will be eventually pass out to various secret dumping locations.  Placed on the floor they take up a lot of room, you can place meat racks in freezers so that you can hang bodies from them and store more of them in a smaller area.

The arrows floating from minions (see the picture above the freezer) represent changes in their stats.  Walking past the bodies lowers some stats creating down arrows, the close proximity of me increases some of their stats creating up arrows.  I stood close to the bags so that there would hopefully be no bad reactions, there isn’t a counsellor for your minions.  egm19The stats are red Health, blue Loyalty, yellow Smarts, violet Attention and green Endurance.  Running out of health means they die, the others are less drastic often just requiring a bit of relaxation, but they can have terrible consequences.  If a minion with low attention runs over one of your traps, he will forget the special way to get passed them and fall victim to their fiendishness.

Tagging agents is all well and good, but if there are no minions around to carry them out, or if someone sneaks in without you noticing there could be some pretty bad results.  You can place traps that will automatically be triggered when an intruder tries to get passed.  There are two parts to a trap system, the trigger and the trap itself.  At the start you only have access to small variety, one of my favourite early traps is the Wind trap.  Killing intruders is not always the best course of action, firstly unlike agents who go home without finding any evidence, lots of agents dying while near your base still arouses suspicion.  Secondly if your own workers fall foul of them, they will be lost.  This should cause you no feelings of regret, but it is a pain having to wait for replacements to arrive.  The wind trap doesn’t kill people, instead it just stops them from entering sensitive areas.  egm20I had split my base so that the only way to enter the sensitive areas was by using a particular corridor. I could now place wind machines at this corner.  egm21This would mean that once they’re triggered, they’d push people back preventing them from accessing the restricted areas.  After placing the wind machines I needed to place the triggers, you only get one sort at the beginning, pressure pads.  When someone walks over these they trigger whatever the pads are attached too.  Clicking on a trap or trigger brings up the trap overlay.  egm22This shows circles for each device, clicking on one then another connects them.  This system works pretty well, but it does have a flaw.  If someone is walking at an angle through the corridor they could trigger one pad but step across to the other side avoiding the wind machine.  You can connect a pad to multiple devices, but it won’t let you connect both pads up to both wind machines.  Oh well, it will have to do.  A quick test soon comes along in the form of a maid I’m supposed to capture.  egm23She triggers the trap perfectly, it blows her back down the corridor in comedy style.

A lot more happened on my first day, but I will leave the rest till tomorrow.  Lots of new features are introduced quickly at the start of the game, so I can afford to spread them out a bit.  Tomorrow it’s time to start working on my master plan.  Mwuhuhahaha.

A quick note about setting up the game.  The US patch is easy to find, the EU one though took me a while to track down, get it from here.  The game does not support widescreen resolutions,  however you can get it to work with this I found on Widescreen Gaming forum.  Place both files in the same folder as the .exe, ~Evil Genius/ReleaseExe/.  It does result in a little HUD strech, but it’s not really noticeable.

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