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planetstorm01For today’s post (or yesterday’s…) I thought I’d write a little about a mod I have recently encountered.

Angels Fall First – Planetstorm is a futuristic space\land battle multiplayer mod for Unreal Tournament III.  I haven’t had much chance to play it yet, just messing around offline with bots trying to learn the mechanics, so I don’t have much information on how it plays.  But I still think it’s worth a post simply for the ideas.  Several years ago, back when UT2004 was released I had an idea for a mod that was quite similar to this, so when I first read about it I was excited. (more…)


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M&B has been available to play for a long time now due to the open testing development  model, mods were being created long before the final release.  This means that there are already plenty of refined mods to be tried, I am going to cover some of them now.

The mods for M&B can be split into two categories, total conversions\expansions and individual changes.  A quick look at the mod section on TaleWorlds forum shows you many large-scale mods, some focusing on a specific type of combat, others changing the games setting.  More modern combat is available featuring muskets, there is even a Star Wars mod.  I’ll probably try some of them one day, but for the moment I am still enjoying the base game, so this post shall be focusing on minor or cosmetic changes.

Battle Size Changer

mbm21This mod allows you to increase the maximum amount of troops in a single battle.  Normally you are limited to 100 combatants at a time, total army sizes can be bigger, but once you engage in a battle, you can only have one hundred.  Extra soldiers appear in the form of reinforcements.  This mod lets you increase the total to a colossal 1000, although your computer wont be able to cope.  mbm22To put it in perspective, I have a Q6600, 8800GT and 4GB RAM.  I first tried setting it to 350, this resulted in lowering my high-50s to 60 FPS down to 10 and possibly lower once the fighting got close.  I have since scaled it back to 200 and get around the 40s, but I haven’t had a battle that tested it to the limit yet, so I’ll have to keep my eye on it.  These battles can get pretty messy, but I prefer having a more accurate representation of the army sizes involved.  This mod is simple to install, it has it’s own installer and can be adjusted any time the game isn’t running.

Graphical Enhancement 2.5

Let’s face it, M&B is not the prettiest of games, so I was looking for some graphics mods.  Rather than drawing on separate sources, possibly running into compatibility problems, I thought it best to get as much as possible in one package.  Fortunately the clever pixies have done this.  Graphical Enhancement 2.5 makes a lot of general improvements to M&Bs visuals.  The most noticeable of these is the addition of lots of grass and a slight alteration to the generated battle maps.  mbm12Some of the battle maps in vanilla M&B can be pretty bumpy, even though you may not be near any mountains.  GE 2.5 smooths these out creating some pretty beautiful rolling vistas.  mbm07If you are fighting on the plains then you can usually see the enemy right from the outset, whereas before you might have had to do a bit of searching.  mbm09This doesn’t detract from battles in the mountains though, they still remain very up and down requiring a bit more thought before engaging the enemy.  There is one drawback to flattening the maps, I’m not sure if it was one of the other mods I was using but the edges can look pretty ugly.  mbm11Normally the edges would have been hidden by rises, however on the really flat maps they are visible.  I’m not going to go back to the old maps though, I’ve enjoyed the new maps too much.  GE 2.5 comes in three parts, Textures, Resources and HDR.  Textures is self-explanatory.  Resources does a variety things and includes the flatter maps.  I didn’t try HDR, it comes down to individual tastes, if you like HDR in games then this is one way of getting it in M&B.

Punkt’s HiRes Textures 2.0

Now that the battles are looking better, the next thing to improve is the map screen.  The vanilla map looks pretty bare.mbm02This is a mod that introduces more detailed textures to it.  mbm03At first I was a bit put off by this mod, the maps looked a little too busy.  I have since settled in, I still think they look a little busy, but I don’t see any need to go back to the old ones.  The mountains see the best improvement.  mbm15This is not a complete pack, it does cover all of the ground, but the water stays the same.  This is apparently going to be included in Graphical Enhancement 3.

Panoramic Mod v2.0

Last up is another visual mod, this time for the sky.  I’m not sure if GE 2.5 changes the sky, but I saw this one first.  The screenshots looked really pretty, sadly it doesn’t seem quite as nice in game.  The dawn maps looks pretty much the same, but some of the others appear crisper.


After:mbm23You also seem to get a lot more gloomy, overcast maps.  mbm06There seems to be a much wider scale of lighting too, although I’m not sure whether that is because of this or GE 2.5.mbm13mbm14

There are still a lot of mods to try, see this thread on the TaleWorlds forum for a list of Graphics, Sound and Gameplay mods.  Enjoy.  🙂

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