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sailing01It’s been over a month since I last posted about Wurm Online, and I’ve got some screenshots to use up, so here is an update on how life in our little hamlet is progressing. (more…)


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Village Life

Things are finally looking up for the PCG Wurm village.

In the early days the population was too small and players (including myself) found it difficult to keep motivated with no new people joining in.  Then the village was mentioned in PC Gamer, issue 204, and there was an influx of new members.  Sadly many of these left after a while and things were once again looking down for the fledgling settlement.  Now however there is a nice core of players who are doing their best to keep the place running, and there are still new people joining every so often. (more…)

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Wurm Online


I don’t like MMOs.

I know that’s a strange way to start a post about an MMO but I thought it best to tell you where I’m coming from. It’s not really any particular fault with the game, it’s the whole design around social networking.  When I play a game I don’t want to also have to maintain relationships.  (more…)

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