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Sorry I’m a little late posting this week, I was working on a project that didn’t quite pan out.

As most PC Gamer readers will know it’s Top 100 time again, although it has been pushed back to a  later time than usual, with the writers list appearing in the latest January 2010 (PCG209) issue.  Following on from that will be the PC Gamer Readers Top 100, with the site already up and taking votes.

Now I’ve never submitted a list to anything like this before (more…)


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Twelve Games that need a Digital Distribution release

Whatever your particular misgivings about digital distribution vs. retail, it has made many games available that would otherwise have been difficult to get a hold of.  I have bought quite a few games now, that I might not have been able to get otherwise and I’ve had a lot of fun with some of them.  The main reason why the following games should be made available is for future generations of gamers, there are many old games that are not really worth playing any more, but there are also many classics that have never been matched since and it would be a shame if people didn’t at least have the opportunity to play them. (more…)

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ph01I’ve recently taken up evening walking, both in preparation for my next holiday to the Lake District and to get me in better shape generally (read; I am unfit).  That plus other things have delayed me coming up with an idea for today’s post, so you’ve guessed it, another list.

About three months ago I wrote up my list of completed games, it was nice to see them all together and to think back to the many titles I’ve enjoyed over the years, however as always some have fallen by the wayside.  It’s time to name and shame (me not the titles): (more…)

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