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When I’ve posted about Flash games in the past, I’ve usually tried to convey their long-term appeal, but not this one.

I’ve no doubt you’ll probably play it a couple of times then forget about it, but if you can get a good game going it can be hilarious.  I’ve just finished playing a match and found myself chuckling for several minutes after I had stopped playing. (more…)


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I’m back.

mirror01I really enjoyed playing through Mirror’s Edge.  It’s a fairly typical story of a fallen utopian future but I found it engrossing enough, the focus is on the action though.  Not combat like most games, but simply movement, and lots of it.  Some of the level design is a little off, but visually it is very impressive. (more…)

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Haven’t covered a flash game for a while, so I thought I’d show you this little title.

Like Ronseal, Multitask does exactly what it says on the tin.  You are given some very simple tasks, which on their own would be extremely easy, add them all together though and you’ve got a challenge.  That’s why I’m writing this post whilst cleaning my window and juggling cats. (more…)

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psy01There are so many games deserving of an expansion of their ideas, not a sequel but simply expanding the ideal that runs through the game, and one of the most worthy is Psychonauts. (more…)

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