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Haven’t covered a flash game for a while, so I thought I’d show you this little title.

Like Ronseal, Multitask does exactly what it says on the tin.  You are given some very simple tasks, which on their own would be extremely easy, add them all together though and you’ve got a challenge.  That’s why I’m writing this post whilst cleaning my window and juggling cats. (more…)


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How did I know RPS would beat me to it…  Yesterday I was thinking how post-worthy this game is and how it is the kind of game RPS like to mention.

lw01Little Wheel is the story of a city of robots, they’re going about their day-to-day life when there is an accident at the main power plant, no more power means the entire city just stops.  10,000 years later, during a storm, a bolt of lightening strikes an observation tower waking up one of the robots, that robot is you and it’s now your job to bring life back to the city. (more…)

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Kongregate logo
I’m not really a fan of flash games.  Sure some of them are great but as a whole I prefer standard games.

I think it comes down to immersion.  I am a big fan of immersive games, Morrowind, Half-Life series etc.  Somehow I just can’t immerse myself in a game stuck in the middle of a web-page.  (That reminds me I should write something about browser-based games…)

There are still some gems however.  I could surf around between lots of sites, but that takes time.  Or I could wait for the good ones to be posted on news sites and forums, but then you miss out on so much.  I prefer having one place to look into and see what’s new.

Then I found Kongregate.  What’s so different?  Well for one, every game hosted on there gets a share of the ad. revenue, this is what drew me to the site in the first place.  I realise this probably happens on a lots of sites but they aren’t always so transparent about it, some only do it if they sponsor your game.

Once I got in I found out the other great things they do.  Like Youtube and practically every site that allows the general public to upload stuff, visitors can rate what they find.  This system works pretty great, the raving fans are offset by the trolling haters and everyone else’s opinion works out the balance.  Occasionally gems fall through the cracks but most of the time the good games get the recognition the deserve and the useless games, where you wonder why someone bothered to upload it, sink to the bottom.  You can only rate games if you are a registered member, and for every rating you get a point, not matter what you rate it.

Points are for nothing except bragging rights.  When you get a certain amount of points you go up a level.  The main way you earn points is by completing badges, achievements basically.  Unfortunately these aren’t on every game, but most of the good ones get them in the end.  They rank from Easy: 5 Points, Medium: 15, Hard: 30, and Impossible: 60.

Every so often Kongregate post a special challenge for a game where you can win a card.  However these serve a purpose other than for bragging.  They can be used in Kongregate’s own game, Kongai.  A collectable card game.  I have yet to play this however as I rarely seem to grasp the background mechanics of card games.  (Castlewars and Mytheria are two exceptions I found through Kongregate.)

Sometimes it’s fun to have a go at getting in before the popularity wave.  There is a page where you can view the latest submissions.  If I have the time, I often have a pick around at what is available, unfortunately I haven’t beaten the wave yet.

So if you enjoy flash games, and want a place to try out some new ones, I would recommend you try Kongregate.   And while you’re there why not have a look at my profile page. I have finally started using my favourites to try to give you an idea of where to start.  Enjoy.

Click the image at the top to visit the site, or if you don’t want me to get points for reffering you, just click here.

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