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Today is the final day in my Metaboli subscription.  Not because I dislike the service, mainly because Christmas is coming up, and I also have too many other games to be playing.  Will I ever subscribe again?  For the answer to that you’ll have to carry on reading…



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Twelve Games that need a Digital Distribution release

Whatever your particular misgivings about digital distribution vs. retail, it has made many games available that would otherwise have been difficult to get a hold of.  I have bought quite a few games now, that I might not have been able to get otherwise and I’ve had a lot of fun with some of them.  The main reason why the following games should be made available is for future generations of gamers, there are many old games that are not really worth playing any more, but there are also many classics that have never been matched since and it would be a shame if people didn’t at least have the opportunity to play them. (more…)

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