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…who knew overclocking took so long…

If you love graphs, then you’ll love today’s post. (more…)


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My latest package came through on Thursday, this time Corsair had something for me to look over, I would be reviewing th-

Okay, so I’m not the kind of person who gets sent free hardware from manufacturers.  However, as followers of PC Gamer’s Twelve Days of Christmas competition will know, I did win a lovely cooler, and technically it was shipped and paid for by Corsair.  Close as I’m ever going to get.

The Corsair H50 High-Performance CPU Cooler is a (more…)

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You may remember a while back I cleaned out my computer, at the same time I decided to run without the side fan as it is a big source of noise.  However I then ran into problems with my graphics card overheating, it got so bad that some games wouldn’t run for more than ten minutes (this is what held me back from starting World in Conflict).  I did not want to turn the fan back on as it was a noticeable noise drop, so I decided to to have a go at installing a third-party GPU cooler.  Today it arrived. (more…)

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