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swatw01Progress was slow today.

I was right that this mission is the furthest I’ve gotten in SWAT 4, and it’s a difficult one.

1536 Adelaide Ave., A-Bomb Nightclub

swatw02Some sort of gang related fight has broken out at the A-Bomb Nightclub, no hostage situation and no civilians targeted, just lots caught in the cross-fire.  What’s more is they’re unlikely to be cooperative.

Having remembered this mission I decided to forgo non-lethal weapons and equip everyone, including myself, with sub-machine guns just in case things get nasty.  When a mission is loading there are several cinematic screenshots of the area, one shows an officer carrying a shotgun.  I did consider this, after all in a large gun fight being able to fire without needing to be accurate can help a lot.  But what with the reports of there being a number of civilians I decided it wouldn’t be a good idea.

swatw03Once again I choose to enter through a back door, just in case anyone is holding out in the entrance.  It’s a cold desolate alley, a large blockade has been setup, regular officers keeping the curious public back.  Screams come from inside the building.  We immediately find an injured civilian, andhiding behind the van is a gang member, he wasn’t cooperative.  Time to enter the building.  Bang.  Dead.

swatw04A shooter came out of nowhere and shot me, my team managed to get him but it didn’t matter.  I would have to start over, something I needed to get used to.

The second attempt went much better.  I sent my team in first this time, we made progress through the stage area, very few of the gunmen were cooperative.  We made it into the back of the building, the sniper was covering a supply room, by pressing Caps Lock I could take direct control of the Sniper, at this point I wanted to avoid casualties so I didn’t use him. swatw05We headed upstairs, the only room in the upstairs is  a lounge, unfortunately this is where a lot of the shooters hang out.  swatw06We rush in, one suspect to the side gets on his knees, but another comes from round the corner.  Bang.  Dead.

swatw07Next time we make similar progress, when it comes to the lounge I decide throwing a Stinger grenade in would be a good idea.  They hurt a lot, giving my officers time to get through the narrow entrance, sadly I got a little too close.  swatw08By the time I’ve recovered my officers are in.  Bang.  All Dead.

swatw09The fourth time we don’t even make it to the lounge, taking things a little slower results in mission failure as all the civilians are killed.

Fifth time I rush off on my own, I move too quickly, I have no backup.  Bang.  Dead.

The sixth time actually went a lot better, we only took a few casualties, this was getting so difficult I didn’t care, just tried to complete the mission.  I took a shot to the body, didn’t kill me though, a red mark showed upon the outline in the bottom right.  Everyone was secure, now I just had to follow procedure.  There just wasn’t enough time while the action was happening, so I prioritised.  All suspects get cuffed, civilians are left alone, guns uncollected and nothing reported in.  swatw10This time two of the civilians are in a panic, they won’t get on their knees, a bit of pepper-spray convinces them.  When it comes to the last one, she’d just gotten on her knees, time to switch to the cuffs.  I’d stupidly switched back to the main gun first, before pressing ‘H’ for the cuffs, it didn’t switch fast enough, I clicked too early.  Bang.  Civilian Dead.  Mission over.

Grrrr.  This was getting infuriating.  By now I had decided that if any suspects get near the sniper, I would take them out, anything to reduce the numbers to a safer level.

Seventh time I once again make it all the way through, I lose three officers, and am getting far too much practice at neutralising suspects.  I don’t care at this point, the safety of the civilians and the completion of my objectives is all that matters, somewhat like real life SWAT missions.  I carry out procedure, reporting in all persons, and there was just one gun I could not find.  After several laps of the building, unable to find it, I just decide to end the mission.  Oh, but it’s not that simple.  swatw1172/100…  Three points off…  AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

swatw12I had come up with a better tactic of taking the lounge, there were two doors.  The entrance was just too small on the one side, and the other had a sharp corner which made it easier for the suspects to retreat and regroup.  I started making use of the cameras every officer wears.  After more or less clearing the downstairs I place Blue team on one entrance and Red on the other.  Besides seeing what officers see, the cameras also allow you to issue orders.  Same as the Sniper, pressing Caps Lock moves focus to the camera, but whereas the Sniper cam. allows you to make the shot, the officers just allows you to move the view about and issue orders.  One of the doors is locked, in order to coordinate both assaults, I start the team by the locked door placing a charge, this gives me time to switch to the other team and order a normal entrance.  swatw125Whilst tactically sound it doesn’t always result in success, we assault the lounge, but one team doesn’t make it and only one member survives from the other, the camera turns red, a haunting reminder.  swatw13We carry on clearing out and reporting in, everything is almost wrapped up, but one of the shooters was hiding in the toilets, I don’t take enough care.  Bang.  Dead.

Bang.  Dead.

Bang.  Dead.

Bang.  Dead.

On the fifteenth try we finally made it.  One officer incapacitated, one injured, but we’d made it.  Now to the score…

swatw1479!  Yay!  Hahahaha.  Fifteen tries.


Let’s hope tomorrow goes a little better.  There is something awfully familiar about the next mission…


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