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Merry Gaming Christmas

As I sit here, typing away in my silver party hat, I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Gaming Christmas.  Hope you are all having a great time.  Thank you for making it a great year.  🙂

And for those who are not celebrating today, hope the sales are treating you well.


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The Great Brain Crash


Sorry about the lack of a Linux post this weekend (not that many people read them), it’s because of a greater problem I’ve been having writing lately.

I haven’t been able to centre my thoughts well enough to write something good, and since I still spend the time trying it’s having a negative impact on my gaming, which is after all the point of this blog.  I have noticed a similar change in my forum posting, I wonder if I have a limited number of words in my head and writing this blog has used the all up?  I could just be losing my motivation, I do want to keep this going and I’ve still got some good ideas to try and unsung games to babble on about.

So either I’ve become very lazy, or I need a rest.  The trouble is I can’t tell which without actually having a rest, if I find I still have trouble writing then it’s because I’m lazy and I’ll just have to try harder, if however I just need time to gather my thoughts then things will be back on track in no time.

I will be stopping regular Linux posts however, I have some really good ideas but I just don’t have the time to do the research and write-up, so instead I’m just going to post when one is ready.

Lack of time has been my other problem, the main culprit for this has been Wurm Online, it’s amazing how doing simple things can take such a long time.  I will eventually have to stop, but there’s still a lot to do and I don’t want to let anybody down.  So there won’t be any posts now (barring any emergencies) until the 12th of October.

A big thank you to those who read my blog, and to those who don’t, what’s stopping you?

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Normality will be resumed on Wednesday, in the mean time here is a poor attempt to shoe-horn details of my boring life into an article about gaming.  Enjoy.

golf00Golf? is a game I would call delightfully eccentric, just like myself.

At the core it’s your traditional game of golf, but everything has been given a slight twist.  From the drunk caddy, to the rocket powered golf cart everything has been tweaked for maximum fun.  Most golf games tend to be strictly linear, with the exception of direction you have no control over your character.  Golf? however has full FPS controls, allowing you to look from any angle, or just mess around.  (more…)

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theendSo we are at the end.

Don’t worry (or cheer) I’m not giving up the blog, but I will no longer be posting once a day.  Instead I will be going back to my original plan (that fell apart in five minutes :roll:) of a regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.  I have very much enjoyed posting once per day, it has allowed me to cover so many topics, many more than the original list of ten I came up with (and still haven’t finished…).  It has been at strain at times, (more…)

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100th Post

100thWho would have thought I’d make it all the way to 100 posts?  Certainly not me.

It’s been a fun couple of months, stressful at times, but for the most part fun.  Although I’m not sure how much longer I can keep going at one post per day (more…)

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I’m running low on time and ideas so forgive the slender nature of this post.  I never intended to do any more poetry (especially after the last time…) but here we are.

Morrowind, Morrowind with you land so fair, climbing up that mountain there, do I find strange creatures that dwell and stare.

Morrowind, Morrowind the sea surrounds, and on every side there sounds, the flowing sea and waves that pound.

Morrowind, Morrowind your people are diverse, from the temple leaders perverse, to the villagers who curse.

Morrowind, Morrowind I arrived by boat, heard a strange sounding goat, then off once again I float.

Neither M-Corp nor M_the_C may be held responsible for any side-effects which may arise after viewing M_the_C’s poetry.  If you experiences headaches or feel faint after reading M_the_C’s poetry consult a Doctor at the earliest convinience.

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Two things make blogging once per day difficult.  One, time.  Two, inspiration.

I’ve found the second especially hard to find if I’ve got an event coming up, in today’s case, the next Weekly special.  So I’ve had to come up with a stop-gap solution, and a pretty good one if I do say so myself.  For those who don’t use WordPress.com, on the stats page, along with visitor numbers and what has been read, it shows incoming search terms.  A lot of these are in the form of questions, and I’ve been slightly disappointed that my articles don’t answer many of them.  So today I’m going to do just that, below are various search terms listed on my stats page, and I’m going to answer them.  It’s unlikely that someone will come back, but you never know. (more…)

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