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When I’ve posted about Flash games in the past, I’ve usually tried to convey their long-term appeal, but not this one.

I’ve no doubt you’ll probably play it a couple of times then forget about it, but if you can get a good game going it can be hilarious.  I’ve just finished playing a match and found myself chuckling for several minutes after I had stopped playing. (more…)


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picma01Most of the flash games I play, I beat in a very short time (or at least reach the point where the effort outweighs the rewards) and then never play them again.  But this one has had me going back day after day, whenever I need a few minutes to do something calm. (more…)

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Sorry all, I thought I clicked Publish, but I can’t have…

Time for another mini-genre, this time in the world of flash games.

I don’t think it actually has a name…erm, let’s call it Bob.  Games of the Bob genre involve launching a character either horizontally or vertically, to achieve certain goals such as height reached, distance attained or top speed, you receive cash which you then spend on objects and upgrades that help you increase your performance.  The goal can vary, you may have to reach a certain object that is some distance away, or possibly travel a certain distance, there might not even be a goal, the only reason for continuing being to top your previous high score. (more…)

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cyclo01For the most part flash games are simple, oh you get some that are complicated (Mastermind) but on the whole you couldn’t call them complex.  CycloManiacs however makes a nice balance between the two, the gameplay isn’t shallow but it still remains easy to grasp. (more…)

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Haven’t covered a flash game for a while, so I thought I’d show you this little title.

Like Ronseal, Multitask does exactly what it says on the tin.  You are given some very simple tasks, which on their own would be extremely easy, add them all together though and you’ve got a challenge.  That’s why I’m writing this post whilst cleaning my window and juggling cats. (more…)

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How did I know RPS would beat me to it…  Yesterday I was thinking how post-worthy this game is and how it is the kind of game RPS like to mention.

lw01Little Wheel is the story of a city of robots, they’re going about their day-to-day life when there is an accident at the main power plant, no more power means the entire city just stops.  10,000 years later, during a storm, a bolt of lightening strikes an observation tower waking up one of the robots, that robot is you and it’s now your job to bring life back to the city. (more…)

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tgsr01I should probably save this, but I’m just too excited.

A while back Channel 4 started collecting up flash game developers for some kind of project, and this is one of the results.

The Great Sperm Race takes you on the journey that begins Life as we know it.

You are a sperm, and have to make your way past various obstacles in order to reach the glowing egg at the end.  There are four stages, Vagina, Cervix, Uterus and finally the Fallopian Tubes, each with it’s own challenges.

tgsr02The walls of the Vagina are acidic, stay in contact too long and you’ll die.

tgsr03The Cervix is a complicated maze with white blood cells ready to gobble you up.  You can collect special balls that turn the blood cells blue and placid, a la Pacman.

tgsr04The Uterus features more white blood cells, but this time there is a speed ramp shooting you up the side.  At the top you have to work out the puzzle, a male\female symbol, you have to select the correct chromosones.

tgsr05The Fallopian tube leads to the egg, but it’s blocked off until released.  In order to penetrate the egg the sperm gain super powers, otherwise known as capacitation.  However if it engages to early you won’t have the strength once the egg is finally released.  Eating nutrients delays capacitation.

The game ends with a simple animation of a baby growing.

tgsr06The levels start zoomed out, and then go in close to focus on you, pressing the spacebar will zoom back out so that you can find your way, imperative for navigating the Cervix.

I found this to be a great educational game, it was fun and a challenge first time round.  It’s short, and once you’ve completed the levels several times you’ll know the way too well, but as a fresh idea I thought it was great.  The controls are a bit strange to get used to (I think it’s meant to be like that), but are simple.  This actually reminded me of the episode of The Simpsons, where they go to the Science Museum and Homer plays some kind of zapping game, shooting sperm at an egg.

Currently available on the Channel 4 website, or Kongregate.

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